03 July, 2015

Moon at the Mont Aimé

The best time in the vineyards these days is early morning or in the evening.

Which enables you to enjoy these soft and pretty colours. In the vineyards, nearby fields and sky.

The moon rises over the Mont Aimé, a former stronghold of the counts of Champagne, as it looks from our Belles Feuilles plot just outside Soulieres.

Enjoy your summer evening whereever it takes place.

02 July, 2015

Grapes follow flowers

Flowers began in early June.

Now it's over, and we see the tiny grapes that follow.

Heatwave and quantity
The weather has been very warm, very sunny and very dry during the flowering.

Sunshine is fine for the grapes, however they need water to grow sizewise. And - as we saw last year - too warm temperatures may cost the lives of some future grapes. They simply fall off after the flowering. We don't know yet.

Some of our collegues are not happy about the quantities. They would like to see some more grapes on their vines.

Not too much, not too little
We are personally quite happy this far.

We don't expect to pick a lot of kiloes for the harvest. Around last year's amount (10.500 kiloes) is what we can guess about at the moment. A guess it stays, but also more or less what we aim at, and so we expect to have what we will need. Not much more, not less either.

As for the grapeharvest, the current heatwave speeds up everything.

We expect to begin around September 10th at the moment. Stay tuned for a more precise date.

Chardonnay-grapes, Loisy-en-Brie:

Pinot Meunier-grapes, Loisy-en-Brie:

30 June, 2015

2CV discovery of the Champagne vineyards

Reims is nice. Épernay as well.

But you have not seen Champagne without a trip to the vineyards around these cities.

You can even do it in the most French of ways and enjoy a ride in a 2CV, one of the most classic French cars imaginable, I believe.

L'Allure Champenoise suggest several tours in Reims, the vineyards or to Hautvillers, where the most famous of Champagnes cellar masters, Dom Perignon, was brought at first to try to get rid of the bubbles.

Eventually they became fashionable and ever since everybody has worked to refine these pockets of carbondioxyde that has become the worldwidely known speciality of the region.

It is all out there to discover.

29 June, 2015

Green competition for precious drops

Sunny Champagne. Warm Champagne.

We face a week with temperatures that may reach 37 degrees Celsius.

Quite warm. And as you may imagine, eventually also quite dry.

Of course the vines dig what they need underground. However since we grow grass between the vines, there is now a growing need to get to the precious drops.

Which is why we may prepare the gear to simply plough the grass out of competition this week.

We like the green look, but if it is a matter of choise we prefer the vines greener than the grass.

26 June, 2015

25 June, 2015

Blomster på hæld, første høstbud

Blomstringen går på hæld.

Vi har haft flot vejr det meste af tiden: sol og varme, en del vind, meget lidt regn.

Nu bliver det spændende at se, hvor mange blomsterstande, der klarer pynten og fortsætter arbejdet frem imod drueklasen.

Et foreløbigt bud på vinhøst: Den 15. september.

Det lyder nogenlunde, som det plejer i Champagne. Omend datoen uden tvivl vil flytte sig i den ene eller den anden retning. Midlertidig som den er.

24 June, 2015

Order all over

A small step for mankind. I know.

Our case is different. Whenever we save a bit of time somewhere, it will eventually come in handy elsewhere.

Some wineries and vineyards look for tasks for their staff.

Not us.

Actually it makes sense not to mix the different staples we use for the wires.

I still think, it takes at least an engineer to work out this elaborate system :-)

23 June, 2015

Know more about Champagne Comité style

Big or small, young or old, bio og conventionnal...

I believe we can all share the interest of explaining this beautiful region and the great wine that is made here in Champagne.

The Comité Champagne (former CIVC) has developped an application for you to test your knowledge and learn more.

Why don't you give Champagne Campus a go?

Whether at your desktop, with your tablet or smartphone. In French, English or Chinese.

With all these facts you may experience a dry feeling in your throat... I'm sure you have an idea how to deal with it once you've finished the campus of the Comité.


Picture: Comité Champagne

20 June, 2015

Eliminér amerikanerne

En af forårets arbejdsopgaver er at eliminere amerikanerne.

Processen kan snildt fortsætte resten af sommeren, til væksten stopper normalt i august.

Det har nu ikke noget med klassisk fransk had mod den angel-saxiske verden at gøre.

Amerikanere er i denne forbindelse skud fra vinstokkens rod.

Du kan tydeligt se dem på billederne fra tidligere på sæsonen. De har en rødbrun farve, hvorimod den franske del af vinstokken er mere grøn.

En vinstok består af en rod af en amerikansk vinstok, der ikke bærer druer, og som er podet sammen med en fransk top, der sætter druer. Det er for at undgå problemer med den vinlus, der ellers stadig spiser vinrødder, og kan ødelægge en vingård totalt.

Selvom amerikanerne kun skal levere roddelen, kan de altså stadig godt finde på at skyde. Da disse ranker ikke bærer druer, fjerner vi dem for at undgå, at de belaster resten af planten.

Altså ikke noget amerikanerhad, blot god, grøn vingårdsøkonomi.